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PRISM, guest star of ORGcon 2013

We were covering ORGcon again this year, the one-day conference organised by Open Rights Group to raise awarness on digital rights and privacy on Internet. With the recent revelations on the american surveillance program leaked by an NSA contractor, PRISM was at the center of all conversations. We interviewed the two keynote speakers, John Perry Barlow and Tim Wu who shared their insipiring and often thought-provoking views on the latest privacy issues.

Remixing video for the web? #Mozfest 2012

The visionOntv team was at the Mozilla Festival again this year. Check out below our coverage during 3 amazing days of talks, workshops and presentations where makers, techies and artists joined together to work on new exciting tools.

Eric Rosenbaum, co creator of "Makey Makey" shows us how to use his invention kit to create sound with virtually anything and how to "ductape your cat to the internet".

Jesse Shapins, documentary artist, media theorist and co-creator of Zeega, shows us how the web interactive editor works. Could this tool change the way we're creating and remixing video on the web?


Brett Gaylor, film-maker and director of the PopCorn project, talks to visionOntv about the latest version of Mozilla's open-source app PopCorn Maker. What's next for the web-based interactive tool? How does it compare to other storytelling projects like Zeega, 3WDOC or Linklib? What about a mobile-friendly version?

Joumana Al Jabri and Ahmad Barclay talk to visionOntv about the Visualizing Palestine collective. This group of researchers, designers and activists create visual stories by collecting data to raise awareness on the situation in Palestine.


Film-maker Simon Klose talks to us about his 2 projects, a documentary on Pirate Bay and a new storytelling tool Linklib. This tools allows fim-makers to send time synched links from a full screen video directly to the audience phones.

Nathan Matias from MIT Media Lab talks to visionOntv about the session is hosting on curating news at the Mozilla Festival. With the arrival of storytelling tools like PopCorn Maker and Zeega, there are news ways of curating not only text but also video. Does this mean a new workflow for both citizen journalists and the newsrooms?

Jack Herrick talks to visionOntv about his site WikiHow, a collaborative wiki-based platform where users publish how-to manuals.

Ian Forrester, senior firestarter at BBC R&D, talks to visionOntv about the session he hosted at #mozfest on Perceptive Media.

To learn more about this project: http://www.futurebroadcasts.com/

Calling for a bulletproof arms trade treaty

Today 50 volunteers of Amnesty London organised a banana shoot-out in the middle of Parliament Square.

Why a Banana shoot-out? Because there are international treaties regulating the sale of bananas but not for the trade of arms. In July, after year of delays and hesitations, governments will finally meet at the United Nations to negotiate an Arms Trade Treaty. With a series of creative actions, Amnesty campaigners want to put pressure on David Cameron to make sure he takes a strong stand on this issue. 

To raise awareness, Amnesty's campaign is reminding us all of this chilling statistic: 1 person dies every minute from armed violence, and in that same minute, 15 new weapons are manufactured...

But standing in the way of a robust arms treaty remains the question of how the top five countries profiting from the arms trade (USA, UK, France, Russia, and China), which are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, are going to behave during these negotiations.  

To make a difference for millions of people threatened by weapons all around the world, this treaty will need to be both all inclusive (include not only weapons but also transfers and transactions) and enforceable (monitoring compliance and bringing possible sanctions). 
If you want to get involved on this issue and make your voice heard, you can sign the petition, contact your local MP and participate to the global day day of action on 27 of June.
Watch below our interviews of the Amnesty London organisers during this Arms Trade Treaty Banana Shoot-out action.

Report from Occupy Bristol

During our visit to Bristol we met with different occupiers, looking tired but still motivated to get the movement going and growing. The protest camp is located on College Green, a land owned by Bristol Cathedral but managed by the Bristol City Council. Occupiers have been there for 32 days and the camp is the 2nd's largest in UK after London.

On Monday, a taste of irony was in the air as less than 10 meters away a huge student graduation tent was raised. All day students and parents were taking celebration photos with the protest camp as background. "Well done but there are no jobs for you. Save some time and join us now!" shouted one of the occupiers.

Media-wise you'll find on their site photos and videos but not as yet a real media strategy which is the main problem of all Occupy websites. Hard to blame them as 1st priority is on-site organisation, also maybe the whole point of these protest camps is to raise a debate. Though I'm still looking for an efficient online platform for this debate to take place. 

So how can we, as an independent video training project, help #Occupy?

For visionOntv it's obvious: we can offer to aggregate their videos on our channels, our blogs to post articles and news, our community tools (forum and wiki) to discuss and build their project.

But what's missing is a network of trained reporters among occupiers, who know how to cover events and upload media on the day. I've been a bit slow to react on that last part but I'm starting now: offering video training when we can so the protesters can get the journalistic and technical skills they need to create quality news.

The 1st Making News workshop will be this Saturday 19th November in Finsbury Square in London, more to come soon. RSVP  here if you're interested in joining this workshop on Mobile Phone reports.

And if you're in Bristol, visit the camp's wish list on their website. You can already support them by posting articles, write to your local councillor or even better come in person at the camp and discover how you can be really useful.

More info on Occupy Bristol:


How to film mobile phone reports:


Sukey team in action

Here is a video of the Sukey team during the Student tuition fee protest. The team is hard at work to update the protesters on where to go to stay safe. Coming soon a recent screencap of a Sukey map, a description of their process and interviews with team members.

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