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Calling for a bulletproof arms trade treaty

Today 50 volunteers of Amnesty London organised a banana shoot-out in the middle of Parliament Square.

Why a Banana shoot-out? Because there are international treaties regulating the sale of bananas but not for the trade of arms. In July, after year of delays and hesitations, governments will finally meet at the United Nations to negotiate an Arms Trade Treaty. With a series of creative actions, Amnesty campaigners want to put pressure on David Cameron to make sure he takes a strong stand on this issue. 

To raise awareness, Amnesty's campaign is reminding us all of this chilling statistic: 1 person dies every minute from armed violence, and in that same minute, 15 new weapons are manufactured...

But standing in the way of a robust arms treaty remains the question of how the top five countries profiting from the arms trade (USA, UK, France, Russia, and China), which are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, are going to behave during these negotiations.  

To make a difference for millions of people threatened by weapons all around the world, this treaty will need to be both all inclusive (include not only weapons but also transfers and transactions) and enforceable (monitoring compliance and bringing possible sanctions). 
If you want to get involved on this issue and make your voice heard, you can sign the petition, contact your local MP and participate to the global day day of action on 27 of June.
Watch below our interviews of the Amnesty London organisers during this Arms Trade Treaty Banana Shoot-out action.

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