11 Mar 2013

Glenn McMahon
Glenn McMahon
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09 Mar 2013

Glenn McMahon
Glenn McMahon
Glenn McMahon
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17 Feb 2013

Glenn McMahon

16 Feb 2013

Glenn McMahon
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About me

During ten months spent in Israel and Palestine between 2003 and 2005 I was inspired to start writing (a couple of the articles are included here) and left with thoughts of becoming a journalist. After completing a professional journalism course in London I wrote a couple of articles for the Guardian and various local newspapers before getting a job at the Kilburn Times in North London.

Fourteen months later churnalism was getting the better of me and it was time to pick up where I left off – heading to Egypt (with a brief visit to Libya) where I spent two months reporting on the ongoing revolutions that have formed part of the so-calle Arab spring.

Since returning home to East London in August I have been covering various protests including the riots, the EDL, right-wing Muslim groups, the arms fair and gay pride among other things while trying to work out how this can pay!!

I have also been involved in teaching journalism to young people in Hackney and producing a ‘community' newspaper reflecting on the riots as part of a larger art project.

Following a dose of itchy feet I most recently found myself in the south Caucasus reporting on the human rights situation in oil-rich Azerbaijan as it held the Eurovision Song Contest and thus subsequently felt compelled to visit its nemesis Armenia.

During the mini-tour I wrote for the Huffington Post and