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meeting at a border crossing

I'm going to continue within my own blog because I don't want to detract or distract from Hamish's posts by putting comments there, and to my mind this is more polite if I am essentially having...


This is what I think a cyborg is, so I'm put off by your embracing the symbiosis of man and machine. If one watches or reads even a...

continuing from Hamish's...

Moving on from some agreement that there is brokenness in the areas of activists' media use, and activists' use of tools for organising, and in the process by which they interact with...


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This is what I think a cyborg is,

so I'm put off by your embracing the symbiosis of man and machine. If one watches or reads even a little bit about the non-benign use of technology, (both the proposed use and the already existing use), I believe one would have difficulty maintaining a love-affair with gadgetry. (That doesn't mean I am a Luddite, but I focus on how the other side is going to use the technology. For example,   or web analytics people enthusing about data capture tools)

The exact same robotics news item above was watched by a 17 yr old. He is enthusiastic about the building and use of these things. And he is being recruited into the military, via a program which was ostensibly about the thrill of engineering and robotics.

This makes me think that, in a "conversation" (and I'm not sure this is one) about what is broken in activism, we need to be careful to identify what may be generational influences on our idea of utopias vs dystopias.

For example I think we're about the same age Hamish, and I "hear", perhaps incorrectly because we haven't met, shades of hippy in you. ( I like shades of hippy). "Hippy-ness" brings a certain gentleness to the examination of trust issues, online and offline. Even if "hippy" is an incorrect thing I am attributing to you, ( apologies), what I am saying is that age difference matters, because it entails a cultural difference tied to that age . For example, I doubt very much that anyone of our age could say this: "I don't really know what right and left mean" referring to politics. Could one have been alive in the 1980's and not learned a rough outline? Yet I heard that fascinating statement from someone in the cohort down in age from me, and I stress that person is NOT unengaged in the issues around them in the world.

Those two people I describe as examples make me think that there may be a problem not just with geek talk being a divider between activists and their potential audience. There may also be a problem up and down the generations. Young enthusiast for technology is co-opted into the military before he is old enough to have acquired any political colouration? Apolitical activist.....who is unaware of historical and political precedents? (Including Assange in Cypherpunks, where he appears to think that the mills as a work environment preceded feudalism).


Back in the UK.

The BBC video is about a robot - this is different from a cyborg which is a mixture of tech and human. Am using the term (maybe a little flippantly) about the human mobile phone (tablet, laptop) relationship that is so visible strong nowadays.

Its a mistake to say am "embracing it" rather am saying IT HAS embraced us, am observing and generalising rather than pushing an agenda, though understand this will be hard to see with out a few more years passing.­p_auth=bblkk0WV

Yes this is a dystopia and well as a utopia... my argument is we have a tendency to concentrate on the dystoia thus fail to engage with the utopian side of the outcome of tech.

The generational thing is something that is worrying, kids are losing their scepticism which means they are losing the ability to imagine and build alternatives... we have the tools but little incentive to use them...
Posted on 29/07/13 09:29.
Just to clarify, the one who did not understand the labels left and right was in their 30s, tech capable, fearful of cyborg/robotics, dyslexic, already has own social following.
"kids" is too dismissive, and I think that you and I are irrelevant to those 2 age groups, simply by virtue of our middle age.
That said, mobilizing a grey block is a viable direction in order to side step the "irrelevantization" by the mainstream media of street clashes.
Posted on 31/07/13 10:31 in reply to Hamish Campbell.