NVDA Training

During my last week at Balcombe (the week the rig left), we discussed NVDA training and, as a Greenpeace member, I undertook to contact them to see if they were able to offer support.

Received a reply today advising that some Greenpeace NVDA trainers do adopt the training for non-Greenpeace groups and have done so in the past, so would presumably repeat the exercise for us if requested. They go on to suggest that Seeds for Change and Rhizome also offer training to grassroots groups which can be tailored to needs to include planning, decision making and legal aspects. I'll follow this up.

As to a date for the training, I guess everyone is dispersed to the four winds now and there is no hub of activists as per Balcombe. A place and date could however be arranged and advertised via...this site....facebook....Frack Off...???....bit vague on this aspect.

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