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We are the 99%

When I finally figure out how (help would be appreciated) I will be posting films I make that aim to expose and raise awareness of the cruel and debilitating methods used by the leaders of our so called free world and to be a voice for a generation that is quickly being forgotten about.

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Hi Matthew

Welcome to visionOntv! The first thing is to host the films somewhere, if they are your own. YouTube is the standard option. To submit a film to one of our channels (grassroots, globalviews, friendlyfire, plugandplay and headmix), grab the url from youtube (the short url, before the &featured or whatever), click submit on the channel page, eg, http://grassroots.visionon.tv, and paste in the url. Then click submit again, and it's a good idea to send us an email that its there (info@visionon.tv), with a clear subject header, so we can rush it through moderation, or get back to you if it's i place, or not suitable.

Many thanks

Richard Hering
Отправлено в 30.12.13 12:13.
yep, you can just add the direct link to the original file online as well if you want to avoid corporate hosting of your videos.
Отправлено в 13.01.14 17:55.