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Chemical sensing for airborne BTEX

Since the government and the local authority do not carry out any independent monitoring of pollutants given out by fracking. I have got hold of an Arduino board and a number of chemical and environmental sensors to measure the pollutants given off. This micro monitoring station could be mounted onto a quad-copter to provide independent analysis of the chemical given out. The sensors I have purchased are able to detect the airborne polutants BTEX (benzene, ethyl-benzene, toluene and xylene) that are released during the fracking process.

View the real-time sensor data


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Can you let me know where it is available and what cost was, might be good to post info further afield for others elsewhere to get this too. Ta :-)
Отправлено в 30.10.13 10:35.
I am using the FIGARO TGS 822 sensor. The spec sheet is given in the link below
I will combine this with some other sensors to detect a range of pollutants.
Отправлено в 07.11.13 15:35.
I've finally got the sensors working. You can view graphs of the sensor data at https://xively.com/feeds/1416342886

I hope to have a working prototype ready to use at Barton Moss
Отправлено в 04.01.14 0:48.
Excellent, when should we head up north to test? will try and chase up the drone.
Отправлено в 04.01.14 11:44 в ответ на John Sinha.
Отправлено в 06.01.14 12:10 в ответ на John Sinha.
Отправлено в 06.01.14 13:28 в ответ на Hamish Campbell.
It was rocking. Didn't manage to the test the sensor array though- they don't have a proper tech tent. But I plan on going there again at some or perhaps Balcombe again?
Отправлено в 13.01.14 17:24 в ответ на Hamish Campbell.
OK lets book a train ticket for in 10 days or so and set up a tech tent... you up for it?
Отправлено в 13.01.14 17:26 в ответ на John Sinha.
Invaluable suggestions , Incidentally , if someone is wanting a a form , I filled a fillable form here http://goo.gl/1kKgca
Отправлено в 01.04.16 2:16.

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